Membership in GMDA

The Groundwater Management Districts Association (GMDA) provides a forum to exchange ideas on the different approaches taken regarding all aspects of groundwater management by member districts in Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and California. Membership is available in four types:

  • DISTRICT membership is open only to those districts who have major programs and responsibilities for groundwater development, conservation and management, and which are chartered under the laws of their respective states. Dues are $350 annually.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL membership is open to organizations and associations whose major purposes are the development, conservation and management of groundwater. Dues are $250 annually.
  • AFFILIATE membership is open to those organizations, businesses or partnerships affiliated with the interests and purposes of the Association. Dues are $125 annually.
  • INDIVIDUAL membership is open to those individuals interested in the purposes of the Association. Dues are $25 annually.

You and your organization are invited to join GMDA.

Please complete the GMDA New Member Registration and mail your check payable to GMDA, PO Box 356, Dumas Texas 79029. Your membership helps promote information, conservation, cooperation, and coordination of the management of America’s groundwater resources.